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Jul 15, 2023

T-FORCE is a recognized name in the PC gaming space, delivering all forms of high-performance storage, memory, and even cooling for enthusiasts and mainstream builds.

The new T-FORCE AL1 Aluminum Heat-Sink designed explicitly for the PlayStation 5.

At Computex 2023, we spotted some cool console-specific hardware from the company, specifically the AL1 Aluminum Heat-Sink designed explicitly for the PlayStation 5.

Sony's fast internal storage for the PlayStation 5 can be expanded with just about any PCIe Gen4 drive that can hit speeds of at least 5,000 MB/s - as long as it features a compatible heatsink or some form of cooling to keep the temperatures down. And with the ability to take off-the-shelf storage to expand a PS5's total capacity - like the T-FORCE CARDEA Z4 Series M.2 PCIe SSD that features read speeds of up to 7,200 MB/s - you can also affix a custom heatsink like the new T-FORCE AL1.

Weighing in at 78 grams and made from aluminum alloy (hence the name), its dimensions make it unique - 127x65.5x13.5mm. As you can see from the images, its shape is modeled after the PCIe Gen4 SSD expansion slot on the PlayStation 5 for ease of installation and the ability to attach to the SSD seamlessly.

T-FORCE advised that it's on track for release soon and will most likely be bundled with one of T-FORCE's high-performance PCIe Gen4 SSDs.

T-FORCE storage solutions for the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and ROG Ally.

T-FORCE's console line-up at Computex didn't stop there, as the company plans to release external USB storage for the Xbox Series X|S. Why not something like the T-FORCE AL1? Well, Microsoft's console uses a proprietary card for its PCIe expansion, and so far, Seagate is the only supplier of drives for the consoles.

Finally, T-FORCE also presented storage expansion options for the Steam Deck, ROG Ally from ASUS, and the Nintendo Switch, for which T-FORCE will offer a range of SD (T-FORCE A2 Memory Card) and M.2 PCIe Gen4 SSD (TEAMGROUP MP44S) capacities.