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Jul 01, 2023

This valve allows free flow from port V2 to C2 . The return flow will be restricted as a result of non return valve in the line and can pass only if the set pressure in the valve is achieved.


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Hydraulic counterbalance valves, such as the BSA1B35- 1/4″ COUNTER BALANCE VALVE. Play a critical role in hydraulic systems by controlling the movement of loads that require precise positioning and control. These valves are hydraulic control valves that regulate the flow of fluid in a hydraulic system.

to balance the weight of the load against the force of gravity. By doing so, they prevent loads from free-falling or dropping. which can cause damage to the hydraulic system or create a hazardous situation.

These valves operate by adjusting the flow of fluid from a hydraulic cylinder or motor. to control the speed of the load’s movement. They feature a pilot-operated design that uses hydraulic pilot pressure.

To open or close the valve. When the valve is closed, the hydraulic fluid’s flow is restricted. creating a backpressure that counteracts the load’s weight. This backpressure prevents the load from free-falling and provides precise control over its movement.

Hydraulic counterbalance valves find common usage in a variety of applications.

including cranes, hoists, and lifts, as well as heavy machinery like excavators where safety and efficiency demand precise control over the movement.

Manufacturers offer various types of hydraulic counterbalance valves in the market, including pilot-operated.

Direct-acting. And external-vent designs. These types have their unique features and benefits.

which make them appropriate for different applications.

Dual Counter Balance valves, also known as Dual Over Centre Valves, offer several advantages over traditional hydraulic valves. Firstly, they provide precise control over the speed and direction of the hydraulic actuators. Secondly, these valves are highly efficient in reducing system shock and noise by balancing the pressure in both directions of the actuator.

Provide a high level of safety and smooth operation for hydraulic systems.

In mobile and industrial applications.

Manufacturers design them specifically to meet the needs of these industries, as a result, they undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures.

Additionally, specialized materials and components are used to ensure durability and reliability. Moreover, extensive research and development go into the design process to ensure that the products meet the specific requirements and regulations of the targeted industries.

Finally, manufacturers often work closely with industry experts to identify emerging trends and to incorporate new technologies into their products.

Fluid App (ITALY) manufactures these valves.

Fluid-app is a player in the hydraulic valves and components market. A Company with long experience in the field.

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This valve allows free flow from port V2 to C2 . The return flow will be restricted as a result of non return valve in the line and can pass only if the set pressure in the valve is achieved.

Counter balance valves are seat type valves. They offer free-flow from their port B to A and give leak free closure in opposite direction up to a predetermined pressure. This predetermined cracking pressure can be adjusted within its maximum specified range.

Stackable pressure Relief Valve, which is used is places where space is a constraint. It helps reduce unnecessary tubing and connections in a hydraulic system.